SVDN 2018 Nomination Results (2018.09.20)

Nomination Results for September 19, 2018

2018 General Election


Sioux Valley Dakota Oyate Election Law




Jennifer Bone – Accepted

Nominator: Jennifer McKay

Seconder: Norman (Pierre) McKay


Vince Tacan – Accepted

Nominator: Marie (Natalie) Williams

Seconder: Lee Marie Legarde



Eleanore Elk – Accepted / Acclaimed

Nominator: Margaret Roscelli

Seconder: Nina Wambdie


Anthony Tacan – Accepted / Acclaimed

Nominator: Teresa Wasicuna

Seconder: Jocelyn Ross


Elton Taylor – Accepted / Acclaimed

Nominator: Jenna-Lee Tacan

Seconder: Harlan L. (Brady) Hotain


There will be a General Election for Chief as Scheduled. A bi-election will be posted on Monday, October 22, 2018 for the two (2) vacant councillor positions. Under 10.11 (b) from the Sioux Valley Dakota Oyate Election Law the three (3) councillors will be sworn in on October 20, 2019 after the Chief has been elected.

Donna Elk – 2018 Electoral Officer