SVDN Citizenship Law (01.05.21)


In September of 2019 the Leadership of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation posted notices in the community as well as the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation’s social media accounts and website. The posted notices requested that a formal letter of interest be submitted to the Executive Assistant to Chief and Council. After reviewing the letters, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Leadership selected the following members for the Citizenship Committee: Sharon Tacan, Jaydee Elk, Kimberley G McKay, Lorraine Pompana, Cheryl McKay, Jaime Eastman.


The Citizenship Law will assure that Sioux Valley Dakota Nation has full control over citizenship and that citizens have access to the benefits associated with citizenship. The Citizenship Law will protect our citizen’s rights and freedoms now and for future generations.


The Citizenship Committee has been meeting since being appointed and have developed a timeline and work plan. These guides will work in conjunction with Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Self-Governance during the Community Consultations. Members of the Citizenship Committee will be available to answer questions and listen to community input in regards to the proposed Citizenship Law, during the Community Consultations. The Citizenship Committee developed a survey which they will use to receive direction and feedback from community members on the development of this Law. The community will vote on the proposed Sioux Valley Dakota Oyate Citizenship Law in the spring of 2021.