Sioux Valley Dakota Nation-Community Projects (Skate Park, Basketball Court, Gazebo)(07.22.21)

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation is proud to announce that we will be proceeding with 3 new projects to be located within the SVDN Pow Wow grounds. 

The first of the three new projects will be a skatepark. This new addition to our community will be a 4,104 square foot skatepark for our youth. This skatepark was designed with the youth in mind. Ramps, banks and rails will be no higher than 5 feet to ensure their safety. It will be composed of concrete to ensure long lasting use for years to come, and give them a safe place to skate.

The second project is the resurfacing of the current basketball court. This basketball court was built in the early-mid 1990’s and hasn’t had much work done since its creation. It will be resurfaced with fresh new asphalt, as well as new poles, supports and hoops. We hope this will continue to provide a safe place for our youth to continue to hone their basketball skills for years to come.

The third project will be a brand new outdoor 100×50 foot gazebo that can be used for outdoor gatherings by community members such as barbecues, birthday parties in the park and outdoor teachings.