SVDN Education Notice – Education Safety Protocols (09.24.21)

Friday, September 24, 2021

To Parents and Guardians,

Under the direction of Sioux Valley Health, please note the following:

  • Grade 3 classroom will reopen on Monday, September 27th, 2021. 
  • North-West bus run will begin student routes on Tuesday, Sept 28th, 2021

Sioux Valley Schools have many safety protocols and procedures in school. We want parents to be aware of the following:

  • All staff have minimum of one vaccine shot while the vast majority are fully vaccinated.  
  • Staff go through daily screening upon entering the school
  • Busses are sprayed with sanitizer multiple times a day. 
  • Students are on assigned seats on all busses and are fully masked upon entering, also they are provided hand sanitizer. 
  • Students have temperature checks upon entering the school
  • Directional traffic is on hallways floors and social distancing is monitored
  • Students use touchless hand sanitizer prior to entering the classrooms.
  • All student desks have a 3 sided shield system to provide another layer of protection. 
  • Teacher desks are shielded.
  • Touchless water dispensers are in every classroom with disposable cups. 
  • Recesses and breaks are staggered
  • to limit group size. 
  • Washrooms breaks are assigned and utilities are sterilized regularly throughout the day. A tracking system is visible for accountability. Emergency washroom breaks are also monitored and sanitization occurs.  
  • Students are excused when sick.
  • No students are to share supplies; all school supplies are provided.
  • Mask breaks are given only when entire class is on a “no movement” break. This occurs throughout the day and is well monitored by teachers. This is for in classrooms only or if students are 2 meters apart outside. 
  • Classroom Sanitization: Sioux Valley High School students are required to sanitize their desks and chairs in between classes. Sioux Valley Elementary has a split gym area; these areas are sanitized between each class.

Sioux Valley Education would like to thank the local health department for their quick action when it came to the recent positive case(s) in the community. Although it is not suspected to be obtained or spread within the school system, we appreciate all the extra precautionary procedures requested from Sioux Valley Health. Sioux Valley Schools will continue to follow any safety mandates set forth for the community as it promotes student safety. We have included some pictures to visually demonstrate some of the safety items mentioned above and we are currently creating a video to show the parents/guardians these items. 

Thank you,

Sioux Valley Education Administration