SVEA Precautionary Extenion of Holiday Break (2022.01.05)

Attention All Parents, Guardians, and Students for Sioux Valley Education:
Under the direction of Chief and Council and Health advisement, Sioux Valley Education will be extending the Christmas break and will be moving to a homework package plan. Staff will be creating these packages next week with a delivery date of January 17th. Packages will be delivered to your homes according to the student’s registration forms. These packages will cover a two week period, starting January 17th and ending January 28th. Teachers/staff will be on site at 50% capacity. They will be available via phone and/or email, including guidance counsellors. Please arrange this with your child’s classroom teacher.
Sioux Valley Education has received a rapid antigen test kit for each student. Delivery of these kits will be on January 12th. Please watch for buses starting at 10:00AM for all students, aged 5 to 11 years of age. A bus will pull up to each household. They will honk to signal someone to come to the door. All proper PPE will be worn, including gloves, masks, and gowns. If no one comes to receive this, it will not be left outside as it is temperature sensitive. There will be an instructional handout included in these packages.
As the province announced, the tentative restart for in-class learning for Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School is January 17th. Sioux Valley Education will be providing bus services for provincial students only, beginning on January 17th. Masks will be worn for the entire bus route and the busses will be sanitized twice daily.
At Sioux Valley Education, the safety of our students and staff is our number one concern. Watch for updates during the week of January 24th to 28th. Please stay safe during these uncertain times.

Sioux Valley Education Administration