SVDN Election 2023 – Public Forum + Agenda (2023.10.11)

*****Out of respect for the Family, the Public Forum has been rescheduled to Wednesday, October 11, 2023*****

JOIN US – For the SVDN Elections 2023 PUBLIC FORUM For Candidates

October 11, 2023
6:00 PM
SVDN Veterans Hall

Everyone is welcome!

  • Event Live Streamed by SVDN Communications
  • Rides Available (Text/Call: 431-541-8462)

Robin McKay | Electoral Officer

SVDN Elections 2023 – Public Forum Agenda:
Taking place: Wednesday October 11, 2023 starting at 6 PM – 10 PM.
Each candidate will get 10 minutes. Event will be live streamed by SVDN Communications.

Opening Prayer & Song6:00 PM
Introduction by Electoral Officer6:15 PM
Candidates List:
Candidates for Chief (1)
Bone, Jennifer10 min6:30 PM
Tacan, Vincent10 min6:40 PM
Whitecloud, Katherine10 min6:50 PM
Candidates for Council (5)
Bell, Jonathan10 min7:00 PM
Blacksmith, Shelley10 min7:10 PM
Bunn, Louie10 min7:20 PM
Hall, Jamie10 min7:30 PM
Hall, Mark10 min7:40 PM
Hotain, Melissa10 min7:50 PM
Johnson, Carol10 min8:00 PM
Kennedy, Wilson10 min8:10 PM
Mazawasicuna, Travis10 min8:20 PM
McKay, Billy10 min8:30 PM
McKay, Darryl10 min8:40 PM
McKay, Kenneth10 min8:50 PM
McKay, Kimberley10 min9:00 PM
Rosmus, Michelle10 min9:10 PM
Tacan, Anthony10 min9:20 PM
Tacan, Koda10 min9:30 PM
Taylor, Elton10 min9:40 PM
Taylor, Russell10 min9:50 PM
Closing the Forum at 10:00 PM