SVDN Congratulates Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew (2023.10.04)

SVDN Congratulates Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew!

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation extends warmest congratulations to Wab Kinew on his historic appointment as the first Indigenous Premier of Manitoba. This significant achievement is a source of immense pride for Indigenous communities across the province, representing a significant moment in Manitoba’s political history.

In this pivotal time, we celebrate not only the accomplishments of Premier Kinew but also the inspiration he provides to Indigenous youth and communities. Premier Kinew’s journey showcases that with determination and perseverance, Indigenous individuals can achieve anything they set their minds to, instilling hope and a sense of possibility among our future generations.

This landmark appointment demonstrates that Indigenous voices and perspectives are being heard and recognized in the highest echelons of government. We eagerly look forward to forging a collaborative relationship with Premier Kinew and his administration, working together to address the pressing issues facing our communities and striving for a more inclusive and prosperous Manitoba.

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation expresses its wholehearted support and optimism for Premier Kinew’s tenure. We stand united in this historic moment and are committed to fostering a future that embraces the strength, wisdom, and resilience of Indigenous peoples.