SVDN Lands + Grand Valley + SVDN HS – ‘Grim Valley’ Collaboration (2023.10.19)

Special Lands Bulletin: You Won’t BOO-LEAF It!

Robert Fleury is doing one heck of a job down at The Grand Grim Valley Campground!

When I saw what he was doing and all the hard work he was putting into it, I realized we had an opportunity! Not only getting the SVDN Youth involved, but also getting them on the land, moving, exercising, and cleaning up the lands all in the same SWEEP!

My thoughts were, “we could design our own ghosts and have the High School Students contribute to the haunted campsite!”. What I didn’t expect was that our students’ artistic abilities would be so DEADLY!

Not only did we do this for next to no cost, it also encouraged team-building and fun while working on the lands and helped one of our managers through a collaborative approach. I am super proud of the final result!


Remember, the Grand Grim Valley Haunted Campground opens tonight, hope to see you there!

Pidamiya do,
Adam Subject – SVDN Lands Manager