SVDN School – Attendance Message from Principle (2022.12.06)

Good morning, everyone.

Only 52% of our school population attended school today.  Ten students arrived late to school.  It may not seem important, but any time away from school – even if it’s only a few minutes – really adds up over time and significantly delays students’ learning.  Education is the key to a better future for our kids and every day in school is important.  

We understand that some kids are sick right now, and we do not want kids to attend school if they are not feeling well.  If they are well enough to attend, we really want all of our kids here, in class, taking part in a good way, and learning.  We are ready for your kids each morning and want them here at school with us every day.  

Please be sure that your kids are well-prepared for our cold Manitoba winters by ensuring they are dressed warmly.   Because of safety concerns, we’ve directed our bus drivers to not allow kids on the bus if they are not prepared for winter.  If a child is not allowed on the bus because they are not dressed appropriately for winter, parents/guardians are asked to get them dressed up warmly and bring them to school as soon afterwards as possible.  If you have questions about any of the above, please call me at the school.  

Thank you.

Mr. Bruce Lyons


Sioux Valley Elementary School