SVDN BIRS Project Seeking Pictures and Students (2022.04.27)

The SVDN BIRS Committee is asking our Oyate who attended Brandon IRS and/or knows of someone who attended. We are working on a future project and your input and guidance will greatly be appreciated.

We are also looking for Pictures/Old Photos of the Brandon Indian Residential School location and/or of those who have attended. We require copies only.

Please contact Keely Melville or Councillor Michelle Rosmus at 204-855-2671 or email

Residential wayawa tipi tankag he tuwe wayawa pi he I pi hena studya chin pi. Taku woiyukchan tokatakiya unkaghapi kte unkan, toked iyukchan pi hena unkide pi.

Ehanna iteowapi tuwe unkodepi nakun wayawa tipi tanka iteowapi tuwe yuhe kinhan he wanzhi unkodepi. Copies icheda unchinpi.

Kapeya studyapi yachin kinhan dena iwichiyunghe kte, Keely Melville ish Itanchan Michelle Rosmus hena ob wohdake kte. 204 855-2671 email:

Postcard view of Brandon Indian Residential School (no date)
Source: Gordon Goldsborough, 2011-0027