Sioux Valley Elementary School


Sioux Valley Elementary School (Tatiyopa Maza Wayawa Tipi) is currently home to students in classes from Head Start to Grade 6.

Some of the programs and extracurricular activities offered at Tatiyopa Maza Wayawa Tipi include:

  • Head Start Alignment;
  • Healthy Lifestyles Teachings;
  • Career Trek;
  • Aboriginal Shield;
  • Summer Literacy Camp;
  • Weekly Based Curriculum Planning;
  • Swim Program
  • Numerous Fundraising Activities.

We use the weekly planning system that ensures curricular based outcomes are being met in our school. The five components of this system are:

  1. Provincial curricular outcomes
  2. Assessments
  3. Strategies
  4. Resources
  5. Dakota content

The Dakota content sections make all teachers aware of Dakota culture and customs that are an important piece of teacher planning. It helps students to achieve self-identity and promotes cultural awareness and values alongside the other required teaching practices.

We have a variety of after school programs, which take place in the one hour time slot at the end of the school day. All activities are student-focused and enjoyed by students from grades 1-6. We also host a local school Powwow, which has high participation rates and is enjoyed by all those in attendance. 

Contact Information:

Principal: Bruce Lyons
Phone number: (204) 855-2536

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  1. Dear Bruce,

    We are excited to launch the Connecting-Resilience-Indigenous Truth & Reconciliation (CRITR) Workbook for Grades 5-7 and Grades 8-12.

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    We provide a resource that includes high-quality lessons and activities about Indigenous Canadian History, Residential Schools, Treaties, Indigenous Contributions past and present and a unit detailing the various days of recognition in Canada. CRITR workbooks consist of units that can be used by someone with little or no prior knowledge or understanding of Indigenous Peoples or subjects.

    The CRITR workbook is not just another learning aid. It is a resource that has the potential to equip our educators, parents, and students, with the tools, knowledge, and understanding of Indigenous truths to pass on to the next generation.

    Consider how utilizing this new workbook in your classrooms, will make a positive impact for Truth & Reconciliation and become an ally.

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