Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Business Certificate Graduation 2020 (2020.07.03)

On July 3, 2020, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation had its first-ever graduation for the Yellowquill College Business Certificate Program.

In total there were 5 Graduates:

  • Josie Hotain
  • Brent Pratt, Valedictorian
  • Lisa Sinclair, Honors
  • Duane Roulette, Honors
  • Desiree Wasicuna

Congratulatory Address was done by Chief Jennifer Bone, Councillor Evelyn Pratt, Bobbi Pompana, Director, Yellowquill College, and Instructor Nancy Jo Moller.

Presentations of Certificates:

Brent Pratt, Valedictorian

Honors Students Duane Roulette and Lisa Sinclair

At the end of the ceremony, each student was presented with a star quilt by Chief Jennifer Bone and Councillor Evelyn Pratt

Student Brent Pratt presenting Instructor Nancy Jo Moller with a Star quilt.

Congratulation to the 2020 Business Certificate Program Graduates!