Medical Van Schedule and Information

Sioux Valley Health Centre


Medical Transportation Program


Medical Van Schedule:


Brandon – AM and PM


Brandon – AM and PM


Brandon – AM


Rivers – PM


Brandon – AM and PM


Brandon – AM and PM


Brandon Medical Van

Please book your appointments according to medical van times as shown on the schedule posted above. Morning appointments should be made for 10:00 a.m or later. Afternoon appointments should be made for 2:00 p.m or later. Call the Health Centre as soon as possible for upcoming appointments if you need a ride on the medical van. Children 17 years and under must have an adult escort. Only clients that have medical appointments will be allowed due to seating space, and please be ready when the medical van arrives to take you to your appointment. Should you leave the clinic where your appointment is scheduled and the medical van arrives to pick you up and you are not there, the driver will not look for you and you will have to find another ride home.


Sioux Valley Medical Van

The on-reserve medical van will transport clients from home to Health Centre for health related purposes only (to see the nurse or doctor, counselling, health activity, etc). Be ready for pick up when you call for a ride as this van is used for other purposes as well. Once the medical van brings you to the Health Centre, if you leave the Health Centre you must find your own ride home. There is a doctor or nurse practitioner who comes to the Health Centre as scheduled. When you receive a prescription, please let us know where your medication is to be delivered. There are times when the medication has to be delivered the next day because you were not where you said you would be.


Winnipeg Appointments

Anyone having medical appointments in Winnipeg or outside of Brandon, please submit your appointment slip/letter to the medical transportation office as soon as you get your information. The clerk will then fax all necessary documents to FNIHB for authorization. The process time for authorization and submitting to finance department for a cheque takes time so please have all appointment slips/letters to the office at least 2 weeks in advance. Also, it is very important to return signed appointment forms back to the office to ensure the program gets reimbursed properly. This will leave you in good standing for any other appointments in Winnipeg or any place outside of the contribution agreement. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Gas Vouchers:

Gas vouchers are issued to:

  • Elders 60 years and over
  • Newborns up to two months of age
  • Physical disabled clients
  • Pregnant women in their last month
  • Tests/ treatments that are scheduled on the evening or weekends (ultrasound, CT Scans, MRI, and cancer treatments

For more information you can contact:

Sioux Valley Health Centre – 204.855.2690