SVDN Housing (On Reserve)

This program has been created in order to further the following objectives:

– To meet the needs of families and individuals, who are members of SVDN. 

– Respond to residents who need services etc. Plumber, Electrician and Exterminator

-To provide residents with housing constructed to a health and safety acceptable to community members.

-To assist community members in acquiring, constructing and renovating housing units.

-Establish criteria for the allocation of new units.

-Establish criteria for the renovations of existing units

-To define the responsibilities for the maintenance of the housing units between the tenant and SVDN Housing Authorities;

-To ensure proper record keeping with the CRW database

-Establish and maintain all housing units that are the responsibility of the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation

-Housing Manager is responsible for the daily operation of the Housing Program

-Project Manager who over sees on going projects, the project manager leads the work of the teams to   achieve all project goals.

-Housing Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day office duties

Housing will do our best to keep the community members of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation informed of the SVDN Housing program. If any community members have any questions, feel free to contact the Housing office anytime from Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 PM.

Contact Information:
Housing Office: 204.855.3280
Afterhours Emergency Housing Cell: 204.574.8043 

Project Manager: Louie “Rollie” Bunn 

Administrator: Jacine Halfe 

SVDN On-Reserve Available Housing for Rent, Click HERE