SVDN Public Works

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Public Works Department 

The Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Public Works Department is now under direction from the Department of Infrastructure and will provide essential services to the Community such as water delivery to those with water tanks, sanitation and septic services, maintenance of infrastructure and transportation, some heavy equipment construction, maintaining all band vehicle fleet and other projects or jobs that are required.

Contact information:
Public Works Office – (204) 855 2052
Manager – Derek Taylor – (204) 512 0857
Mechanic – Darnell Essie – (204) 901 2663
South Water Truck – Pamela Bunn – (204) 851 3681
North Water Truck – Derek Mazawasicuna – (204) 512 0852
Garbage Truck – Trae Taylor – (204) 901 4932
Septic Truck – Ashton Wanbdiska – (204) 908 0365
Darnell Essie – Shop Mechanic
Jude Hotaine – Shop Labourer
Ryan Taylor – Heavy Equipment Operator
Sam Hapa – Heavy Equipment Operator

Tents are available for rental for $150 and can include a portable for $50 which includes delivery, pick up, pump out and cleaning of the unit. Additional portables will be available at the regular rate.
Portable toilets are available for $50 per day and per unit(s) which includes delivery, pick up, pump out and clean up of the unit(s).
Water is available for pools or troughs after delivery route is done at a cost of $40 per fill(s).