SVDN Public Works

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Public Works Department 

Since construction on our new Public Works building was completed in the fall of 2015.

It has been business as usual for this department but not without the challenges of keeping our equipment in operating order. Our staff has done an excellent job thus far in achieving a number of our goals.

We are currently installing culverts at some areas that have spring runoff issues and are installing new culverts and fixing ditches. We are also cutting ditches that have overgrowth and invasive elm that hinders our road grading and snow clearing in winter. Gravelling and repairing the areas that the water trucks and septic trucks turn around in yards and driveways. 

Appliances are to be brought to the public works yard and not thrown away at the dump or in the garbage pit as we have to take out all the metals before we cover it up.  

We are also able to provide some tire repair service along with some small engine tune up and repairs. We are not able to do any thing major as far as vehicle repairs go for safety reasons.

We also have a new initiative in the works titled “Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Waste Management”. It’s a plan to develop a waste and recycling plan for our community. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for a landfill in our community and clean up the old sites where they used to be and restore the land to its original condition.

We will keep you informed on this matter and all other developments as we will be looking for input from the community on the waste management plan.

Supervisor- Bill McKay 204-512-0857

Waste Water Plant- Dewayne Whitecloud 

Water Treatment Plant- Dennis Taylor 

North Water Truck- Derek Mazawasicuna 204-512-0852 truck phone 

South Water Truck- Pam Bunn 204-851-3681 truck phone 

Sanitation Truck- Rollie Bunn 204-512-0870 truck phone 

Septic Truck- Derek Taylor Sr 204-980-0365

Heavy Equipment-Jon Bell 431-541-3533 work contact 

Heavy Equipment/ Grader- Rust Taylor 

Heavy Equipment/ Loader- Termain Hotain 

Heavy Equipment/ Backhoe- Sam Hapa

Shop Mechanic- Darnell Essie 204-901-2663 work contact 

North End Water Truck - 204-512-0852
South End Water Truck - 204-851-3681